What is Query Viewer

Serious Web Masters are keeping track of Google search rank of targeted key words using app like Rank Tracker. But to learn searched key words for specific page, we must use Google Search Console.

Unfortunately Google Search Console's UI is not designed to view searched key words for specific page. That simplest task can't be done with simplest procedure. It easily discourages our motivation to check searched key words everyday.

Query Viewer relives this pain with simple UI. It turns that awkward and tiresome task to fun.

Use Google Search Console API

Query Viewer uses Google Search Console API which is opened to developers. Query Viewer accesses Google Search Console data through that API, though like others can't see your site's Google Search Console result, Query Viewer can only handle sites you own.

In other words, Query Viewer performs simple task with simple UI in straight forward way, on behalf of Google Search Console.

Key words used to search the page

Shown below is Google Search Console screen of this blog. Last 7 days from certain day. Since pages are described with URL, it can be hard to know what content is in that page.

In case permanent link is automatically generated like 2017/11/30/post-660, it is hard to tell. There may be 2 options you take: open it with browser or give up studying more.

To view searched key words of specific page, click the URL and click QUERIES.

To view another page's searched key words, you need to repeat tiresome procedure.

Query Viewer is designed to make this task quick and easy. Shown below is page list. It shows entry title instead of URL.

It shows searched key words of focused page (entry).

To view another page's searched key words, just click corresponding line. It can't be simpler anymore.

Limited functionality

Query Viewer never replaces Google Search Console, never. And it covers very little part of it.

Results are not equal

For unknown reason, Google Search Console sees different data from one we see through API.

  • We can't get really recent day's data through API. Query Viewer limits date range based on current API's real result.
  • We can get similar data through API in case date range is exactly same but they differ little.

Query Viewer can't help you if you don't accept this difference.

Split bars

There are split bars where marked with red rectangle which you can drag to change size of region.


Other UI elements may work as you expect.


Download Query Viewer and try for free.

Query Viewer is not free

Query Viewer is subscription based paid app. It costs 12 dollars + sales tax for one year subscription.

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