You need to register license to use Query Viewer.

License key

There are 2 types of license key. Trial one which you can create with Query Viewer and official one you can purchase.

  • Trial one has limited functions but never expires.
  • Official one has no limited functions but expires after subscription period.
  • License key is tied to language. For example, Japanese license key can't be used for English version of Query Viewer.

Official license key costs 12 dollars + sales tax and valid for one year. Price may be changed when you renew your subscription but you will never be asked to pay additional fee for updating app.

Limited functions for trial license

Trial license has limited functions. After running Query Viewer and show query result few times, most of key words are masked with block character. Retrieving Google Search Console data is performed normally so you may know suitable key words are shown, and Query Viewer is working as you expect.

Quitting Query Viewer and re-running it will reset limitation and show query result normally few times more.

Trial license is not meant for long term use. It is for your evaluation that Query Viewer makes your Web Master's life easier or not, and subscription fee is worth to pay or not.

Required environment

  • Windows7 or later.
  • Language must not be Japanese.
  • Google Search Console is ready to use.

Japanese user must use Japanese version.

How to purchase official license key

To purchase official license key, you need trial license key. We change state of trial license key and send it back to you. This scheme protects license key from unauthorized use.

Official license of Query Viewer costs 12 dollars + sales tax and valid for one year. We accepts PayPal payment method only.

Clicking button shown below brings you to PayPal site.

After settlement, please send request to get official license key.

Note we never refund for any reason. Please evaluate app with trial license well enough before deciding purchase.

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