Requesting official license key

After successful settlement by PayPal, send mail requesting official license key with next steps. Please use form in this page to avoid trouble.

  • Copy and paste your PayPal account's mail address to "Mail address of PayPal account". Avoid typing in.
  • Enter date of payment into "Date payed". For example "March 3" or "Mar. 10".
  • Select Option/License menu item to show License Dialog. Click "Copy License Key to Clipboard" button.
  • Perform paste operation like Ctrl-V over "Current License Key" to paste current license key.
  • Never add extra characters to current license key.
  • Click "Send" button.

We send back official license key to the mail address within 2 business days. In case any issue found, we send mail to that address.

If we can't verify your payment with that mail address at given date (with some allowance), we notify you that.

We have no way to contact you in case mail address is wrong. So please be careful.

Request form

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